Top 18 Albums of 2012: #6 Cat Power – Sun

Cat Power is Chan Marshall. Chan Marshall is Cat Power.


Cat Power is an American singer-songwriter from Georgia.


She put out her 9th studio album this year (Sun) on Matador Records and it’s one of the best albums she’s ever put out.


This song is called ‘Manhattan.’ It’s my favorite one on the album. (Note the machine drum beat and keyboard work.)

Cat Power has soul…REAL Southern soul. This makes her different and it doesn’t hurt that she’s extremely talented…and did i mention beautiful?


This song is called ‘Nothin But Time.’ It’s a brilliant track, features haunting layered vocals by Iggy Pop and it’ll make you feel really good when you’re listening to it:

Here’s a photo of Cat Power with a pie. It reminds me that she’s from Georgia and that pies are really popular in the South.


Cat Power is one of the most well respected musicians in the business and her work on Sun is precisely why. Jump to my Best Albums of 2012 Spotify playlist and listen to the whole thing. You’re gonna love it. 


My dream of a Cat Power post based on pictures of her is complete. My #6 Album of the year, Sun by Cat Power.


Seriously though. This album rules. She’s simply fantastic. I’m speechless every time i put it on. Enjoy.


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