Who is King Krule?

A little over a year ago, i heard “The Noose of Jah City” by King Krule (the moniker of 18 year old English-born, Archy Marshall) on SiriusXMU and was more than intrigued. Where had this velvety English voice, layered over new wave/trip hop melodies emerged from? I slapped the track on my Top 9 Obscure Indie Tracks of 2011 post at #9 and never heard from King Krule again….until now.

True Panther Sounds, who now boasts the artist on their label, tweeted our this link, touting Krule’s new video for ‘Octopus’:

I knew Archy Marshall was young, but i had never seen what he looked like: Somewhere between a scrawny Rick Astley and the pimple-faced kid from the Simpsons. I tried to come to terms with the scrub who was making this music….and i struggled, until i stumbled onto the video for ‘Rock Bottom’:

And i was sold. We’re onto something with King Krule. This is good….this is really good and he needs attention. His music is gaining steam and i’m letting you in on the secret. Peep his EP released on True Panther:

Here’s ‘The Noose of Jah City’ on RapGenius/Stereo IQ:

King Krule – The Noose of Jah City Lyrics

King Krule isn’t currently on tour, but you can check his website at http://www.kingkrule.co.uk/.


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