Freedom in a Sandwich

While my first post in 3 months should probably be about the new Daft Punk album leak that dropped today, i think i covered how i felt with my genuine music-gasm tweets as i listened to it for the first time earlier today. Instead, i want to talk about a sandwich….About how i truly feel like a free individual when i can hop in my car and drive to the Inner Richmond just to have a crispy duck vietnamese sandwich from Cafe Buhn Mi on Clement St…

Look you guys, everything about this sandwich is perfect. Eating it is a joyous experience from the first to the last bite. There’s generous strips of perfectly breaded crispy duck over a light spread of garlicky mayo. The vietnamese slaw and carrots give it that fresh crisp and the jalapeños sandwiched betwixt it all, kick up the spice of the sri racha (also one of God’s perfect creations) that i lather on once the sando is in front of me. The roll has the right amount of crisp and just adds to the theme of “crispy” duck. You see…it’s not just the duck that’s crispy. It’s the bread, the slaw AND the duck. Good god. And there’s this sweet duck sauce that just mixes so well with the garlic mayo. This is a top 5 sandwich in SF, perhaps of all time and easily #1 in the vietnamese category.

It’s not often that a sandwich makes me feel this way. Where once you’re eating it, all you can think about is how perfect of a creation this is and once you’re done, all is good in the world. This is the sandwich that makes me feel free, it’s the sandwich that reminds me of what a beautiful place the world is. It could bring peace to the world, but i’m not sure if we’ve tried that strategy yet…. I love you crispy duck sandwich from Cafe Buhn Mi!

And finally…your moment of zen:

photo (20)

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