Saul Williams Drops New Video Filmed in Ferguson

Saul Williams’ musical flame was recently re-ignited for me in The Cipher Podcast’s brilliant interview with the New York based poet, rapper, playwright, actor and all-around hip-hop Renaissance man.

The interview between host Shawn Setaro and Williams centered on Williams’ latest release, Martyr Loser King. It’s a dense, ambitious and nothing short of cinematic album that magnifies modern sociopolitical issues within the world of a cyber hacker living in East Africa…shit that’s right out of a graphic novel (of which there also is one.) But there were certain comparisons that were drawn in the episode between Williams and David Bowie (Williams dropped a 2008 release entitled The Inevitable Rise And Fall Of Niggy Tardust) and a new interest in Williams was piqued.

His art is dense and complex. He oozes idealism and activism and his work is manifested in many mediums. Discovering Saul Williams’ body of work is a thrilling endeavor and today, he released a powerful video for his latest single “The Noise Came From Here,” directed by Anisia Uzeyman. In it, Williams walks through Ferguson, Missouri and tip-toes around the epicenter of where Michael Brown was brutally gunned down by a police officer in 2014. Do yourself a favor and watch this gripping piece of art and hop over to The Fader for more details on the making of the video. One love.