Nailah Hunter Channels Jon Brion on “White Flower, Dark Hill”

When I first spun “White Flower, Dark Hill” by LA-based harpist and composer Nailah Hunter, I was instantly reminded of Jon Brion’s pensive original score to Michel Gondry’s seminal Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. The way the keys are arranged handsomely atop Hunter’s ambient vocals drew me closer. And I pressed repeat…again and again, before zeroing in on Brion’s “Phone Call” and “Spotless Mind” as gorgeous parallels.

“White Flower, Dark Hill” forms part of Hunter’s debut LP, Spells, out May 29th on LA’s eclectic Leaving Records label. With each of the album’s six installments, Hunter looks to transport us to uniquely colorful worlds. “White Flower, Dark Hill” hits me a few days after watching the super flower moon rise late in the evening to illuminate the sky and leave me in awe of the cosmos.

“The idea of the purples and navies of the night sky and the way that shadows appear under full moonlight, the different shades of moonlight, and how it always brings out the color white,” Hunter says of the song’s makeup.

Listen to “White Flower, Dark Hill” (above) and pre-order Spells on Bandcamp.

Nailah Hunter (photo and top image courtesy of the artist)