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Way Back: “Sujinho” From Madlib & Azymuth’s Mamão

Came across this incredible project this morning in the “I never even knew this existed!” file. It’s an album called “Sujinho” (Portuguese translation: little dirty one) from the Beat Konducta, Madlib and Ivan “Mamão” Conti, the drummer of legendary Brazilian funk group Azymuth. The album from the pair (they go by Jackson Conti on this) is a vibrant mix of Brazilian funk, samba, post-Bossa, tropicalia and more.

According to OG photographer B+, the project came about around the time of the 2002 Brasilintime documentary (which you should watch) and was finally released in 2008. Shout out to B+ who posted about this on his treasure trove of an IG account and peep Sujinho in full above.