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Photos: Caribou Breathes Life Back Into The World

Got a pretty special crop of photos to share here. The great Justin Yee (@yeesus) had the chance to capture Caribou’s set at The Van Buren in Phoenix, while I relished in the experience myself at the Fox Theater in Oakland two nights later.

Led by Dan Snaith, Caribou oughta be considered nothing short of one of the best live bands on the planet. Last week’s shows were another fine installment in their touring history with the crowd bursting with life. Caribou’s music is a perfect soundtrack to whatever this incredibly inspirational feeling of being back at live shows again is called. A damn near 20 minute version of “Sun” was icing on the cake of a can’t miss live show. Check out the photos below from the Phoenix show and click into any of them to expand the gallery!


The Best Albums of 2014: #4 Caribou – Our Love

Caribou Our Love cover

Caribou captures the essence of the human condition through electronic music. I won’t sit here and dissect this one for too long, because it’s the type of music that allows you to draw your own conclusions and find your own mood. I don’t want to bias the development of that emotion for you, if you haven’t spent time with Our Love yet. But this album makes me comfortable in my own skin and when it’s on, I just am.

I’m a big fan of Dan Snaith’s Caribou project. His last album, Swim, was my #2 Album of 2010 and Our Love makes me feel the same way: It’s what I’ve always wanted out of electronic music. Caribou and Four Tet stand out in my eyes as the most present and conscious musicians to the progression of lo-fi electronica and it’s accompanying spin-offs sounds.

On Our Love, “Can’t Do Without You,” is one of the best songs of the year. In an interview (and must watch performance) on KCRW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic with Jason Bentley, Snaith said that he tried to cater to the ears of his fans on this effort, which wasn’t the case in the past. The result isn’t too far of a cry from what we’re used to, besides the delightful collaboration with fellow Canadian electronic musician Jessy Lanza, on “Second Chance.”

I’m leaving this one here. Go listen to it. Chill out, relax, feel, zone in and find yourself within perhaps the most humble and accomplished electronic release of the year. Peace.