TravelBlog: Engage…. Just arrived in Seoul after a lovely 13 hour flight. I say lovely because they kept a drink firmly implanted in my hand the entire time. Cant say ive ever had that much to drink on a flight before… And with my classmates on board, we had a blast. All was peachy, ‘cept for the two little indian kids trying to outdo each other in a crying battle. Man, these kids hit some high pitch notes that would put Mariah Carey to shame…i watched ‘Drive’ on the flight and it was nuts. Reminded me of ‘Redbelt’ in a lot of ways…

We landed at Incheon airport in Seoul, picked up our bags and Dr. Choi, our professor, was there waiting for us with 3 Korean staffers, Jin, Hu and Minh Guk. Theyre sport management students themselves and are working with us this week. They gave me a shrimp burger:


Heres me and my classmate Bernadette flashing our snazzy vip USF name tags, complete with schedules and a few helpful Korean phrases:


Right now, im sitting on the bus, our chariot for the week, on the highway along the Han river. Lookin like a short stroll thru the area near our hotel/dorm before our 9am start tomorrow. We’re scheduled to play badminton with olympians at the samsung badminton facility, visit broadcast center KBS and an afternoon trip to coca-cola Korea, Dr. Choi’s old stomping grounds.

Ok, im tired, but super stoked to be here. It’s like 32 degrees out, which feels surprisingly nice. If this trip is half as good as my shrimp burger, i’ll be ok. Signing out.


Airplane Play List:

Little Brother – The Listening
Grieves – Together/Apart
Memory Tapes – Seek Magic
Cut Copy – Bright Like Neon Love
Phonte – Charity Starts at Home
El Ten Eleven – El Ten Eleven
El Ten Eleven – Every Direction is North

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