More Violence At Bay Area Sporting Events – #StopTheHateSF

I woke up today to sickening footage of a fan being knocked out at yesterday’s 49ers game vs. the Chiefs at Levi’s Stadium.  This time, it was a 49ers fan attacking another 49ers fan, in the bathroom, allegedly over “impatience over an open stall.” Seriously? This has got to stop and the SF Bay area fan bases have to start taking responsibility. Caution, this video of the act in question is graphic, so please don’t click if you’re sensitive to graphic violence. (Video has since been removed, due to “youtube’s shocking and disgusting content policy” but this article sums up the incident well.)

In Week 3, a 49ers fan started a bloody brawl in the stands at Arizona, last season at Candlestick, a 29-year old fan beat a 15-year old boy, breaking his nose, arm and receiving a concussion. Another fan reported being assaulted by a 49ers fan at that same game as well. And let’s not forget the infamous shooting in the Candlestick parking lot for a 2011 Raiders vs. 49ers preseason game. This shooting sparked the now commonplace “no tailgating after kick-off” policy.

And this is just the football team. A woman was beaten following a Giants vs. A’s game at AT&T Park this season. A man was fatally stabbed outside of a Dodgers vs Giants game last season. He was wearing a Dodgers jersey.   This comes on the heels of the 2012 Bryan Stow beating at Dodger Stadium in LA. Where if you don’t know, Stow is a Giants fan who was exiting a game at Dodger Stadium and an altercation ensued that saw Stow be beaten nearly to death and suffer permanent brain damage. Stow won a negligence lawsuit against the Dodgers and suspects were apprehended in the case.

Dodgers and Giants players have spoken out against fan violence, yet incidents like yesterday’s at Levi’s Stadium keep happening. This has to stop. #StopTheHateSF. This is a call to all SF Bay area sports fans and beyond to #StopTheHateSF. We need to take a stand against against these senseless acts of aggression that are happening all too often and often involving SF Bay Area fans #StoptheHateSF.

This is just a simple blog post attempting to call attention to a massive issue. But my goal is to get #StopTheHateSF to trend, in hopes of making fan violence stop in the SF Bay Area and beyond. Help educate and raise awareness.

Please share this post, tweet, facebook, talk to your friends about #StopTheHateSF.

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