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Drop Everything And Go Listen To The New Brass Bed Album Now

The word “FLAMES” comes to mind when spinning In The Yellow Leaf, the 4th LP from Lafayette, Louisiana psych band Brass Bed. This is guitar rock of the highest order and the trio teamed up with producer/engineer Chris Woodhouse (Thee Oh Sees, Ty Segall) at his The Dock Studio in Sacramento to create a fantastic album.

It’s currently streaming on NPR First listen here, but go ahead and give “I Am Just A Whisper” a play below. It’s a crisp recording that has every element in check. A jangled guitar driving the melody, fast-paced drums and more guitar goodness on top of that. Have I mentioned how badass Brass Bed’s guitars are? Check it:

Top image by Allison Bohl DeHart for Makemade.

Top 18 Albums of 2012: #18 Tame Impala – Lonerism

Ready? Press play on this now:

No…it’s not the 1960’s..I can assure you we’re in 2012. Tame Impala is a psych rock band at its very core. I cant say i’ve heard a band that reminds me of The Beatles as much as they do, at least not in the last decade. It’s surprising how much these dudes look like classic Aussie alt-rockers Silverchair, but their sound couldn’t be more different. When listening to the above ‘Feels Like We Only Go Backwards’, i just wanna collapse on a bean bag chair and daydream. Then when i throw on ‘Mind Mischief’, i just wanna wiggle around the room and space out like a hippie. (But not a smelly one, even though i notoriously wear Birkenstocks).

The band is the brain child of 26-year old front man Kevin Parker and are on the Aus-based Modular Recordings label. Their sound is so different from the lovely Australian synth-pop we hear from bands like Cut Copy and Van She (both also on Modular), that its no surprise how they set themselves apart and won the J Award for Australian Album of the Year. The single off the album, ‘Elephant’ has another cool video with psychedelic colors in the background and jams off into space:

These colorful videos do their sound justice. It’s like they’re playing inside of a lava lamp. A lava lamp that I now want for Christmas. Really cool stuff and Lonerism is truly a complete work. I just added it to my Spotify playlist: “Best Albums of 2012” Subscribe to it.  Also, check yesterday’s post for a rundown of how this year’s list will be released if you missed it. Check the blog again tomorrow for the next album!